The Captain Christopher Hubbell Homestead
Shelton, Connecticut

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(Courtesy of Phyllis Tucker,  Date Unknown)

The Captain Christopher Hubbell Homestead located in the White Hills area of Shelton, Connecticut  with its nine room colonial farmhouse surrounded by barns,  outbuildings and stone walls is a symbol of Connecticut's farming past.   
We purchased the property in 2010 and have been working to rehabilitate it since. The homestead today consists of a 2-story nine room colonial farmhouse, a 3-story big barn, a 2-story small barn, a 2-story tractor shed, a 2-story summer kitchen, a three bay carriage house, a chicken coop and a three-seat outhouse.

In 2011 the property was added to the State Register of Historic Places, Connecticut’s official listing of structures and landmarks important to the historical development of Connecticut. 
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With the exception of "big" jobs like the barn roofs and a new fence (putting up fence posts in rock ledge is not for amateurs), we are doing the work ourselves. Both of us are handy and not afraid of hard work but it has certainly been a journey.   Being frugal by nature, we try to reuse and repurpose as much as we can. It is the thrifty New England Yankee tradition.

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Renee Marsh and William O'Leary



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